Bad words Society : People and thoughts way…


“India is my country, all Indians are my brother and sisters…”

I had these light words entering into my ears as my bus passed by a school…

These words absolutely created disturbance in my mind because I hate how we lie right from the childhood…these pledges, prayers …oooh !!! This society thing ruins our life, life of every children…

I hate society .. I hate this caste-ism..

This whole world itself is one big hoax…spamming each other with our running commentary …

This caste-ism we have !!! What the heck do we get out of it ? Is it just for getting low quality rice? or to is it for keeping those students out who really want to study !!! I still remember how much I had to fight to get all my documents ready for my admissions, interviews, jobs..

A mother who bears all kind of pains for education of their children..she can’t educate them because they belong to low level cast and they don’t have enough documents ?

A father who cares so much about his daughter..he can’t let her marry with a guy she loves because they both belong to different cast ? because their casts are different ?

Do we even know how badly are we sinning ? do we have any any any guess of the hurt, the pain we are sowing into our their minds?

What the hell is this going on this earth ? are we really progressing as a human ?

The world has become a place where a trip to grocery store causes a paranoia that someone behind you is gonna kidnap your children …

Where you can’t go to the mall without thinking perhaps someone in there is so angry they are going to start shooting at any minute?

Where the news is nonstop reporting negativity going on in the world?

Has society always been this scary to be in? Or is it just we are hearing more about it now?

Does the media feed into mental illnesses such as depression, social anxiety, and paranoia?

With all the negative shit we hear and see, how can we live in a way where we don’t have to be afraid of every stranger we meet?

Has it always been this bad? Will it ever get better? Can it get better?

You know, I think a lot about society and these harsh superstitions, caste-ism we have and I always end up with a conclusion that this world really needs a change…

A change…may be a big explosion which will destroy every single human on this earth and everything will just reset …

I would just clue … just wait for me to grow up ..This world is going to witness the destruction of caste-ism in India..and I’ll do that ? How ? Just keep waiting ..It’s not that long …I’ll change this soon .

Don’t ask me why !!!! Ask me How ….and I’ll tell you neither of them !!!






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