Illusion of stability of stability of things is an illusion …

illusion of stability of things people and thoughts


Sometimes I sit and stare at the falling leaves, pretend that they give me an inspiration while all I can think of is the disturbances in my life and frustration they bring up with them.

I look silent from outside, I might look happy, but inside…I’m a deep, depressed soul. There are lot many things going on inside my head.

I’m tired of everyone else other than us. Empty talks and names that don’t mean anything. Things that pass for entertainment. Noise and lights and glaring screens that dull my brain.

Things change, the world spins, and I feel stuck. I desperately want us to be the people who would walk aimlessly for hours until we walked out of town and into the fields of green. We wouldn’t worry about food or sleep or how we’d get back. We would just be.

Ha ha, and you? yes, you people? other than us ? I hate you all. ..

I might look smiling on my face, but you guys are the ones who has been ruining my world. The superstitions, 100 different religions, casts… every single creation of yours is absurd…

I look different on my face and I’m different inside. Not different by mind, but different by thoughts…

“Illusion of  stability of stability of things” in my just an illusion . . .

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