Who are you ? – People and Thoughts

Last night, I was having my dinner at one of the hotels nearby. A man comes in, with his daughter…

both look extremely sad on their faces…

he buys ‘chapati’ only and gets a pair of  ‘wadas’, both sit outside and start eating it. This whole scene was so disturbing to me. It was such a poverty, that just by looking at their faces and their situations, I was able to emotionally sit with them and feel the sadness they have…

How would they be feeling?


Such a little germ that lives on an unimportant rock ball (so called earth) that revolves around an insignificant star…on outer edges of one of the galaxies.

The more I look at the things, I ..I cannot get rid of the feeling that existence is quite weird. I mean look at the things happening around you…Those shaking hands, those crying eyes, those pretty smiles…

Existence…what is it?

It isn’t a question that I am wondering about, it’s a feeling that I have.

This germ called human, has skull, a neurological contraption called mind that is able to center itself in the centre of these incredibly huge galaxies…isn’t that strange?

Who are you?

You keep looking at your body, your hands, your eyes…you say I’m Mukesh …but that’s not true. Mukesh is what people have told you. It’ just a name by which they have been calling you…how would you explain your existence on this earth?

You now, sometimes I watch out ego , I watch out my thoughts, I watch my feelings,  I watch out that Mukesh acting on things…and I build a virtual relationship, a distinction…a separation  between a watcher and what is being watched…this fake identity between Mukesh and real soul of mine …

At that very moment of time, I’m literally able to differentiate my feeling of me and the real me ..my soul…my existence !!!

As if I am no longer carried out by my own consciousness …

Existence of your own is really a mystery . You don’t even know if you really exists..what if we wake up somewhere else when we die ?

It’s like …hey ..wait a minute, who is this self behind the self that is watching the self ..

Wooh .. simply interesting thoughts worth thinking about ..




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