Life of expectations…



I personally believe in my own theory that people in this world exist because this society, every living thing in this world needs a hand of help to survive, to progress, to live. Now by ‘to live’, I don’t mean to live happily but just to live. I personally prefer to be alone than being with people. I don’t know why!!! May be because I like to be with myself than being with fake/selfish people around.

WO…wait. What? Did I just call everyone fake? Or even selfish for that matter? Is it wrong to be selfish? No I don’t mean so…may be you can keep reading.

You know, I love observing people and their behaviors. Over the years of my experience, what I have been observing, experimenting is that “Lot of the people in this world, they like you only when you meet their expectations”. It might not be the true emotion for that moment but yeah, it is that way. It depends upon the extent of their expectations from you and the extent at which you fulfil them.

Right from the fact that a new born baby (who BTW doesn’t even understand what it is holding in his/her hand), if you take back a toy from his/her hand, starts crying till to that fact that you see smile on your boss’s face only till you write a good set of code and have no bugs in it.

You meet someone and just talk good, behave well from the heart and that person could value you and at someday, you stop doing this and that person won’t talk to you for lifetime. A couple who say they can’t live without each other, when for some reason breaks up, the same girl who was his girlfriend till last minute, becomes his worst enemy ever.

I don’t really want to go deep into what’s right and what’s wrong but I just want to point out the selfishness introduced naturally as a part of life of every living creature on earth which rightly benefits to survive. Just imagine complete, perfect world…No…It wouldn’t be possible to be happy.

You know…

You experience happiness, you know its value because there are bad people in this world that keep behaving badly with you…

These devils in every form of Anger, sadness, rudeness, hurt are required to know the value of right things in life…

What screws up the most in this life is the picture in everyone’s head of how you should be..

Thank God, you have designed each aspect of this beauty called earth so carefully…There are almost no inconsistencies in this world.

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