Shadows of life…


I always wonder how much our own shadow matter to us ? Does it matter as much as our loved ones matter to us ?

A shadow that you see from your peripheral vision !

A forgotten face ? with no name , no identity, just a blurred stranger behind your own …

I don’t know why do I miss it sometimes…sometimes when I’m away from my loved ones, when I’m alone, completely want to disconnect from the world…

Now I know, how much not being with the people you love could scare you …You don’t wanna eat, you don’t like to get your laptop and listen some songs, you can’ t sleep properly because you always want to be with them like their own shadow …following, being always there for that person…

I understand that one day or the other, we all are going to get erased from the existence and for everyone else, there are no memories, it’s not going to affect anyone in any way…life is going to go for everyone else, no matter whether you remain or die. Your absence is going to matter to those people who care about you , the ones who can’t live without you, the people who want to see you every single day …for them you matter…

It’s like a many people get affected by one life. ..

Although what makes us different from rest of the species is our intelligence, I disagree.

What makes us different is our ability to Love. People we love, may be your husband, your wife, your mom, dad..They all live in our hearts…those are the people for whom your absence matters and it matters a lot …

I simply wonder sometimes, what’s the power people add into you that you can’t at all bare their absence. Why you go sad, why the whole world seems useless…!!!Those are the relationships that help define us and our lives, that would stay with us in our hearts. Not for their contributions but just because  we love them more than anything in the world.

I think I need a break…I’ll have a mug of coffee. That’s one thing which helps me disconnect myself for a while ..


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