Choices…People and Thoughts



Sometimes while I’m walking down the road and the person walking in front of me looks at me and passes by, seems like I know whats going to happen next, might not be the whole future but at least few seconds before…

Seems like that person was expected to pass by. he would have just a glance at me, I might not have responded or I might be looking at something else…

You know, have a look at every thing around..things that are seconds away from happening. You know they are happening but you still get caught, you still drop down, you still smile…Is that intentional?

You are coding at your desk, meanwhile you look left,outside the window, you look at the bird flying alone, silently in the sky…Why do you do that? Do you think that “your look from the window, apart from your coding work” is  required as a part of your current moment? No…It wasn’t something you choose to do . It happened on its own..

.It looks awesome to look outside the window but you enjoy it just because your neck turned left to the window. Be honest at yourself and answer if you decide to turn your neck left? just happened. You didn’t decide that “aah! I’m now designing the logic of the code in front of me, I’m thinking of it and now I’ll look outside for a while.. ” . Is it really? No..IT just happens…The real answer is , “It is supposed to happen”.

Yes! that’s true..Every moment, every move, every thought of your’s is planned activity.You have no control over your choices. The choices you make in life is just an illusion. Everything happens in the way it is programmed to happen. We and everything in this world are just slaves of this universe who work accordingly decorating it with the term life.

Don’t know who has done it but what you sow will grow doesn’t make sense in every aspect of your life. We say, if you dare, you will win…I don’t think it’s quite true…You always do what you are supposed to do.

It just seems from the front that you did that choice but you never realize that you are a part of very carefully planned world where there are no inconsistencies in the way everything works and the way everything fakes itself to protect your existence.



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