Secret to our habit of sharing moments of sorrow?


We learn by observing the world. Even just after few days of our birth, we look at how people smile and we try to mimic it. Sometimes I wonder if there’s no god, who would be controlling all this ?

I just keep observing people and wonder how this world, each and every activity of every living thing is carefully designed. The way we start right from counting 1,2,3, how we insist our parents to bring chocolates..and those too not just one but 2,3 and much more..and as we grow, we use that of our knowledge to have lot of deals in businesses and have a good career with good money…

One of the complex questions I always think of is , “Why do people share their experiences, their sorrows with each other?”…

I mean sharing happiness, getting involved in each others happiness is something which makes sense. but I never understand that although everyone of us know that past is a past and things happen to teach you , and no matter how much we discuss about them, nothing  changes, we still prefer discussing our problems with others although we know that others can not do anything other than convincing us…

Few days back, while I was on terrace, one of my roommates comes to me and starts sharing how his day was and how did that other person quarreled with him etc..Although I was listening, there this same thought going behind asking myself about why would he be sharing it with me?

The way we live with comfort these days, I don’t think these 50-60 years of life we have got is enough for us to be mature. You still leave lot of experiences behind if we keep waiting for mistakes to happen…

My be that’s why we share our sorrows too with each other so that we won’t have to get all the experiences on our own.

We always have set of those shared experiences which aren’t ours but help us to grow with life….

It’s nature’s way of dealing with the situation.I think if it has taken crores of years to be so mature and intelligent species on earth, surviving  between all other species would be that difficult. We simply don’t realize the toughness of life because we have got comfort…

Don’t just live life sitting in the A.C , go out and see beauty of it ….





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