A simple guess…

Large crowd of people

I commute from my room to my office by bus. Everyday I sit on the same seat at the back of the bus. This is same for the guy next to me too. I don’t usually talk much and must be same case for that guy too as he too doesn’t seem to talk much.He just reads few pages of Bible and listens few songs.

On very first day he sat besides me in the bus, somehow he dropped his phone and quickly I picked it up and gave it to him We need Rs.15 fare. I always have Rs. 5 in change and he never has. In order to save his Rs.5 ( yeah, I used ‘save’ because it happens that bus conductor doesn’t have Rs.5 change to return back and thus you have to loose them), I generally try to give Rs.5 change so that conductor returns him those Rs.5 and he doesn’t loose. I do it because he seems to be a poor guy and it’s my way of helping people.

We know each other because of this thing…I don’t mean to elaborate it but there are lot of other examples where people like you when you do something in their favor.

Sometimes I wonder is it like knowing someone, being someones friend, bonding with someone is just always doing something they like ?

Think of the people you know, every single one of them is good with you because you behave in their favor. I don’t mean to do everything as per their mood but it could just be simple things.

You want to sit there but you get up for so that someone else can sit there, you smile with people although you don’t want to…these little things you do are not because you like it ..you do it because they like it…

Don’t you think so ?


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