Lottery of life


In this modern age of improved, relaxed life with technologies advancing each day, lot of countries still have lotteries method going on which kind of let’s people expect to suddenly acquire some big fortune in terms of money or something else.

The poor villagers are more keen to have lotteries. What they don’t realize ( being uneducated) is that they are dealing with statistically impossible probability of winning a lottery. roughly 1 in 10 millions. Anyways, if they would have that much knowledge of understanding how bad their chances to win are, they wouldn’t ever have bothered about it.

But we are no better too…Our lottery stuff we expect is in our relations, in our work, in all the things we expect from the people.Do we have sense that we are playing one kind of Lottery and nothing else !

The way we define our lives, the way we expect, we want to start with our area of interest to apply ourselves to, specifically few new fields to ensure safety of our job and get recognition and fame and money and honor for our efforts. …we want to marry with someone who is the best in the world, one who understands us, the one who takes care of us irrespective of how much we do the same with him/her.

we want to enjoy perfect life and retire with expectations of feeling accomplished everything that we were set to do. We want to enjoy old ages to be respected,admired by our descendants…we want to die in nineties and hundreds of our age with no pain…

All these expectations from everyone, to do something good for us , to be in our favor to fulfill our expectations…is just some advanced form of lottery. Something that we don’t understand how rare ninety years on earth without any major disasters in our life would actually be …

Our brain, the most intelligent, hardest walnut on earth, it has this habit of averaging everything and misunderstanding statistics.We celebrate birthdays, little things in life amaze us , we believe that getting hike in salary is a huge success, although we know that in fact it is less than two percent…I don’t know whats wrong with us !!! Why are we happy with what we have and we still expect that with whatever we have ( although its nothing in front of great minds on earth)  , our life should be the best…

We rarely keep such facts while we plan our life.All this society and people around us , they continuously bring some kind of anomalies which we don’t like to do but we still do because they are doing it and thereby you will have too do …we end up feeling whatever abnormal as standard…

What we imagine and what we get…our imagined world has many more murderers, cruel, shark eating people than happy ones…

If we could really see what others life has been, we’d be so much about what we have. If we could see everyone’s hours , we would see how frequent disappointments, hurts, sadness is, how much confusion, uncertainty is there in life.We can’t see a second ahead in life and we plan our whole life…I don’t know what the hell is the logic behind this lottery of life…I don’t know what makes us to believe that we will sleep peacefully at nights, we enjoy during the day, we won’t do much work and yet everything will be awesome in life…

Take 10 minutes, think of how wise and cruel expectations we set forth from life.It would be painful in some ways, it would be disappointing, it might include probabilities for all our tasteless goals that we won’t achieve, but in other way, it would be reassuring experience…there’s no magic going to happen as “Lottery of Life” which would turn your life. ..

I always believe, In some sense or other, although we believe we are not, but we really are selfish species on earth…




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