Life of Riley


I was standing in the sunlight to make myself little warm as it was too cool inside home. A puppy came close and sat beside. While I was standing in the sunlight, puppy was finding shadow to sit.

One of a little babies of our neighbors came to me said, Mukesh, that puppies’ life is so awesome no? No work, No tensions and most important…No relations and full day sleep with quiet lesser efforts than us.

Thinking this way is quiet natural…What I mean to deliver with this article is to convince that every living species on earth, every single of them has to pay for each second to live on earth…

We love our phones, we love to listen music, we play, we enjoy because it’s how we have been shaping our life and there’s nothing wrong in it but on the other side, whatever other species you see, they have their own life habitat…they have their own definitions for love, anger and problems…

The environment we live in, the air we breathe isn’t at all good for fishes, the water they live whole their life in, one of the most powerful animals on earth are afraid of the same water or the fire for that matter…

Although we all seem to be on the same boat and for some strange reason, we think that their life is better than us…is just a concept. Who knows…they might be wishing life like us!

I don’t understand why people think they have better life than us…

Haven’t you seen people throwing rocks at them? Trees getting cut every day? Wild animals getting killed with guns? Don’t you think they would be worrying about their life? They don’t have hospitals like us…

They don’t have delicious food we eat…they don’t have someone to care as much as we care our children!

Do you judge their life by how many hours they sleep? Is that what you call pleasure of their lives?

It’s not …their life is different than us. You can’t compare between two.

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