Driving distractions…


Every time I get up and sit in my car,

seems like I sit straight with moments,

I blur into the traffic in front,

I drag my car through the way,

No matter whether I want to or not …

I sign while pressing the paddle,

I cry while dragging my feet,

It’s not the pain which is unbearable sir,

It’s the worry, the truths that I choose randomly,

which I write as tacit lies…

Ever time I sit in my car,

looks like a road starts jumbling with my arrival,

cars colloid, people jerk awake,

and me ? I just see the blurred view and the endless road..

I don’t care about my car sir,

It’s the fear, the decisions that I choose randomly ,

which I write as a tacit lies…

Sometimes I want to drive at beach,

where those waves flood my car,

Sometimes I yearn for silver stones,

which glow in the moonlight,

Sometimes I expect this to happen with me,

To let me know that,

the road I drive through is lot better..

The life I have got is a lot better ..

In fact to let me know that I don’t have choice of road..

and I should get used to it and drive ..

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