Statistics is frustrating…


Food facility in our office is at one of the floors of the apartment. People from other floors and other companies on the floor too have their lunch at the same floor.Yesterday me and my manager went for lunch..we had our meal ready at desk and we started enjoying…

Somehow in between we ended up talking about statistics and convincing ourselves that Statistics is frustrating . It’s frustrating because it at some extent shows you the truth without actually going through the situation.

Here’s what our calculations were :

Note: I love the quote, “”Men will be men” but it doesn’t mean that we are bad species.

My manager looked at the crowd and asked, “Can you tell me roughly how many people will be there in this whole apartment?”

My guess was about 1000 people and with that  we started statistical predictions about a question ,”What could be the possible count of girls which could possibly like me? “.

Looks like we are one of those bad boys but it was just a problem statement we had. It doesn’t make us bad.

So we went ahead…

out of 1000 : 500 men , 500 women

our of 500 women: 250 beautiful, 250 not that beautiful

our of 250 : 125 married , 125 not married

out of 125 : 62.5 have boyfriend, 62.5 might not have boyfriend ..both rounded to 62

out of 62: 31 out of my standard, 31 of same standard as me

out of 31: 15.5 could possibly like me, 15.5 could not…rounded to 16

final number in spite of leaving lot other conditions  aside , answer to the question, “What could be the possible count of girls which could possibly like me ? ” was 16 out of 1000.

And we were like, “Oh ! Really?”

We would be more positive if we would not calculated the answer with the help of Statistics…

Statistics is really frustrating …because it reveals the mathematically possible truth without actually executing something …

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