Believe me! Your emotions destroy you…


Have you ever gone through a situation where you really get scared with those emotions of regret, love, sadness at the same time careful/carelessness playing together on your mind ? All trying to hold onto you?

Tell me one moment of happiness or sadness which really made all your thoughts and worries go off !!!You don’t have one …

Those moments where you really think you are happy…that is just a virtualization going on inside …I have told this before !!!

Our brain continuously keeps us fooled in order to keep this cognition alive keep this feeling of “ME” alive in the body…You live whole of your life this way …

Every time when people please you, when they hurt you, the emotions you get is just a bi-product of whats going on !!!! Whats been hidden and kept secret from you by your own brain is that the level of that sadness,happiness you experience, sets up expectations about that person into your mind …When that person doesn’t do something for you, it hurts you !!!

As a contious person. you just keep adding and collapsing such expectations with all your emotions …people who cross the limit, go out of your life and the people who remain, they are yet to fill your mind with expectations…

May be that’s why your father not bringing chocolate for you hurts more than your new friend who brings sweets for you…because you already have been setting up so many expectations from you father…at least not as less as your new friend. so  that new friend hurting you yet doesn’t matter because you are just introduced..your graphs of people versus expectations isn’t yet filled that much. As you live together, you keep on adding expectations about him while lowering down expectations from your father…

I think life has been all about this ..You do something , you please others, you hurt others, you set expectations, you expect from others, you leave people, you get angry on them just because they didn’t do whatever you wanted or because somehow they hurt you…you get unnecessarily disturbed with those unfinished expectations and destroy seconds in your life ….That’s all life is about !!! Live and let live…

Your emotions destroy you …This is what I mean !!! I accept emotions are part of life but believe me, the please or even the hurt  you think you get with those emotions, is just a  mental disturbance…

You’ll have to control your emotions…they are new like a child’s now…bursting with passion. Never let them fade or part of you will die.

You have to understand, learn to handle these emotions and not to get hurt or pleased with this temporary disturbances. You have to understand the truth behind.

Don’t get hurt by people, rather than being angry on them, try to understand their situations..lot of times it’s not people tat hurt you, it’s those things you expect from them, that hurt you more ….

Hold you emotions dear, never let them take old onto you…Don’t be emotional…be strong.

People are there for us …but if we don’t understand people with life they are going thorough, or if we don’t try to confirm whats right and what’s wrong and get flooded with all these assumptions and misconceptions just because of the limits set by previous sadness or happiness by them , you will just waste all your life pleasing others, living for others..

I love this quote, “Don’t expect anything from anyone…expectations always hurt !!!”.

It’s not like I don’t have emotions but I;m at stage where you can’t really hurt me. Or may be the more appropriate would be “It doesn’t really matter…I either understand your emotions or you get out of my life…That’s only two choice I prefer to keep.”

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