Update Yourself now !!!


I always have been thinking about whether I should learn just one programming language or learn whatever comes to me . It has always been an unanswered problem for me.

I asked this to one of the professors in university. He answered it in a way that made me to think and write this article on …

He said, It always used to be best to be better at one skill-set but now a days it has become need to update your self in order to survive in this world.

It’s not only limited to your education but it applies to everything. Get adjusted with the way this whole world works. You either update yourself or you don’t at all do it .

One should remember that in this era of 21st century, where everything is changing day by day, the things you know, the knowledge you have …all is going to get outdated..you must update yourself.

Things we know, the knowledge we have is never going to be enough to survive.That is just 1% of what the world knows. So one should always be in learning stage where he/she keeps on learning things of interest.

Please ! Don’t be satisfied with the knowledge you have. That is not enough.It’s like reaching Everest from Ganga river.It’s not going to be easy.

Don’t waste your tiny little time that at the end of the day sums up to 2-3 hours of wastage. Use it to study.Update yourself….

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