Do we really make mistakes?


I talked to one of my friend and didn’t with other because he was given a homework to do and I thought he must be busy while he was became angry at me and other became happy that I talked with him.

Did I make mistake?..Decisions…

You don not know from where do those decisions come from. Although we think it comes from mind, no one has yet confirmed it yet.

When you make a decision, people have guilt and anxiety about making a decision.Did I think long enough ? did I take enough into consideration? We think so much before having a decision…

You know what…If you think through, you will understand that practically you couldn’t take enough data into consideration.

Data for decisions at any situation is infinite…

There are infinite things that can happen that you don’t ever know…

So what people do is, they go trough emotions…

They go trough thinking about what they will do about this…but worry is about those people who think of all the variables which are out of their control and what might happen…

Choices are those act of hesitations that we make before making a decision.

Because of all these thoughts and choices we think of, we are always in a situation of doubts about our decisions. Whether I make a right decision? Did it do it wrong ? We give rise to lack of certain kind of self confidence.

With this lack of self confidence, you will make mistakes…and you do it make mistakes . Point to note here is that it’s not the decision you make which leads you to mistakes, rather it’s your lacked self confidence that makes you to make mistakes.

I don’t think our choice at any instant could be wrong…Have you ever seen a cloud that is misshaped? No !!! Clouds are clouds…their shape can’t be wrong at all…Why ? because they have got infinite shapes..there’s noting as right or wrong…Decisions are no more different than this.They always do the right thing.

So If you treat your self for a while as a cloud, or a wave and realize that you can’t make a mistake with whatever you do, because if you do something that seems to be totally wrong, it will wash out with time,doesn’t mean that it was wrong at times…

And with this kind of confidence, and with that you would be able to trust your own intuition. This is the right thing knowing that it has nothing to do with your’s all about being confident to whatever you do .

Whether you decide that you can’t do a mistake or you can do a mistake, it’s going to be true anyway …

-credits: Allen watts

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