Bad people…


You know why bad things happen to Good people?  because there are just too many bad people out there !!!

Not necessarily be true…

I don’t personally think that there’s anything as Good or Bad. Its we people who decide it. If you like someone, he/she is good for you else you don’t even dare to look at that person. Doesn’t at all signify anything about  that persons character.

As a human, you have got control over how do you behave…you can’t decide how people will behave with you. Only thing you can do is to say, “It’s okay.”. Good for you, might be good for them too.

Don’t try to sort how people behave with you. Be good with people, let them behave the way they want.If their behavior affects you in some way, or if it creates confusion, most thing you can do is to explain whats right and what not. Don’t go beyond that.

By this, I don’t mean to be cruel. Thing is that it’s always better to stop your quarrels at a place and move ahead. Either explain how they are wrong or accept their behaviors.If you matter for them , they will come back else it’s okay.

They fight with you, they blame you …doesn’t at all mean that they are bad. It’s because situations they have been going through or their nature. Step into their shoes and you might understand that they are right at their place. Of course what they think might be wrong or misconception but they feel it right.

I mean for a thief, thieving could be right thing…because it feeds him. It’s us who think its bad because its us who are victim of such thieving.

Long story short–> Either explain how they/you are wrong else don’t feel it. it’s okay if they don’t wanna talk to you. You should harshly reply only if it affects your life greatly.

The sentence above should be like below.

“People aren’t bad always, they just behave wrong…”.


“Those are not bad people. Those are just badly loved people”.

…makes sense.

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