A page from father’s dairy…


Dear Emily,

Daughter is considered to be father’s second love. I strongly believe it in the sense that you occupy not only the first but all the stages of love in the drawers of love in my life. I know how much you mean to me…

From that just born, little girl to the big university girl now, you still that tiny little cute girl for me. no..I’m sure you will always be same for me.

I can really define your meaningful presence in my life and the joy your bring with your presence. I can define that happiness, in your eyes when you come from school and look for me, when move towards your dreams…you are more happy and excited than me.

You are my world and your world revolves around me.

I know, there are times when you think I no more care about you, I don’t love you ..but please don’t be angry at me ever. It’s not just you but I do get hurt…because for some reason, it’s my incompetency to express myself at that situation…It’s just for you.

I wanna say sorry for whatever way I would have hurt you….unknowingly. Thank you so much for being part of my life.

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