Is our brain really smart? contradiction to one of my articles…


Recently got chance to work with some Machine Learning stuff. Writing codes that learns things by themselves. You don’t need to code explicit instructions for them to do their work.

It’s like teaching small child to walk. You don’t really tell him how to lift up next foot and step up properly, you just support him…He does that on his own.

Teaching a program to do something on its own, not too much but just even asking him to find features in the data is so tedious task. You just ask him to do something simple and it says ‘NO’!!! Sometimes it over fits with its learning, sometimes under fits…


Sitting at the windows side at last corner of the city bus with headphones in the ear has been one of the points my interest…I just lose myself looking out at everything, listening to songs I like.

Having this ghost of machine learning inside me, I was just looking at everything like a mad, trying to understand how do we understand what we do, speak…I was looking at every passenger boarding the bus, looking at them, trying to figure out the core of our thinking and thinking of how can we make coded system that can heal themselves, that can truly understand what I mean to say…

In between, my brain was constantly uttering this sentence called ‘I am a boy’ asking me that ‘I’ is me, ‘am’ denotes tense while ‘a boy’ denotes the subject and I was like ‘aahhh!!! Wait, wait, wait…don’t think that yet’

My brain from that day is constantly been fighting with me for these two things on the same question …What makes us so understandable, so aware about our existence? Is it the Vision or Speech capability we have got!!!

Every day at the time in the bus, I think on this…Sometimes I look at people laughing on jokes, being serious at things, fighting by words, Texting each other…looks like language capability we have is what makes us so intelligent. That’s what makes us to interchange our thoughts on something…

On the other hand, I look at the dog besides the bus which is looking at something, standing still and again looks like no Mukesh, it’s not just language…although we speak, it’s the vision that correlates those words with our understandings, our interpretation for words…I mean a child won’t understood the meaning of car unless it sees one…right? So does the vision matter?

Last night, at the terrace, I was trying to think as if I don’t understand anything. I’m just like an ancient man who just knew few of the basic reactions like smile, anger. And then I tried figuring out the meaning of ‘I am a boy’ and what my mind, my brain was trying was to strap down all the choices, all the responses I had in my mind by validating each…

I mean I thought of ‘I’ and all my thoughts concentrated on finding what is ‘I’…obvious choices were as below…

  1. ‘I’ is an alphabet
  2. Lot of words starting, ending with ‘I’
  3. ‘I’ means some personality…in this case ‘myself’.

‘Am’ doesn’t have much meaning, I couldn’t figure out anything for that…

On the other hand, when I was thinking of ‘boy’, suddenly that figure of boys appeared in front of me making me to visualize ( it was me losing my control over thinking that am an ancient guy who doesn’t know this) and I was like, ‘woo…visualization matters man …that’s what made me to remember boy’.

So my brain correlated ‘any boy on earth’ and ‘myself’ with the final understanding that ‘I am just like every boy on earth’. It had by the time, all the visualization set for me, making me to understand the whole meaning …

For my program, it took me few thousand documents and half hour of training to teach him to understand this. And yet, I’m surprised that that AI still just is able to predict few things…and after all this training, he says, of course, I have got confidence score for each of my prediction. I’m not 100% sure on that.

Now I understand, it’s not that simple the way I wrote one of my articles on our brain before. Have a look at it: “Is our brain really smart?”.

All this chemical factory inside us , is just awesome …

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