Random World…


( late at night , my phone rings, a call from my brother)…

Hey Mukesh, Why were you late for birthday?

Me: Actually, yeah, I was about to come early but got urgent work in office…so can’t really come early ..

He: …( silence) …rather than getting so late, it would be better if  you wouldn’t have come..(drops the call)

For him, me at least coming for birthday was not as important as me coming early…

Calls back again after 10-15 minutes…

He: Are you serious Mukesh? Do you know how excited we were to have you with us?

Me: Yeah bro, I understand but I had call setup with client and wasn’t really possible to postpone it.

…drops off the call again.




Every time I think of the word ‘Growth’, I see compromises, I see Sacrifices…

Because I think, growth isn’t possible without compromises, sacrifices in terms of time, money, stress, friends and all forms of it.

it’s not about being selfish or being you…rather its about having priorities for your schedule. Sometimes you have to do those things in order to let yourself grow…

What do you think you will do when you have got opportunity in front of you ?

No one is exception …you just need to compromise , sacrifice on right things to achieve right goals …

Life needs priorities for everything we do…It doesn’t just sync with this random world, random people and random opportunities…





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