Are you sad today ?


Everyday I come back to room, I feel so happy and excited…not just because i’m back at home but because I get time to speak with few of my friends …it’s our time to speaks as much as we want…

Sometimes I go sad for something, My mind wants to listen songs to get away from it but the other part of my mind asks me not to do that and enjoy being sad…


Just pause for a minute and ask yourselves which of the above paragraphs you liked more ? of course first one right? I do…

Are we always supposed to be happy ? I mean why is it wrong to feel sad for a moment?  why is it wrong to feel bad when this whole world seems to be a lone place ?

I don’t have any answer for these questions but it seems like yes! these emotions are going to react on their own based on who wins…looks like these sadness and happiness we feel are just those angels and evils inside us who gain control over our behaviors and thus overall mood…

I accept there times when you don’t wanna talk to anyone…you just want to close the door and sleep down with your face covered by your hands and headsets playing the most sad song but one thing I never understand is that “Why can’t we accept our sadness ?”.

Why can’t we accept that yes. I’m sad and its okay !!! Don’t you think that by doing so you accept what life is offering you and the next day you get up, you feel normal..I don’t think being sad is wrong…

Are you sad? – It’s okay … Are you happy ? Wow ..thats more than enough …I know it’s right that we don’t deserve to be sad even once in a day but tell me …Do you think we deserve to be perfectionist? with everything going good as per our mood? No..we don’t ..

It’s life, as we accept happiness anytime, we should learn to accept our sadness too…balancing both is what living life is ..its not just about living happy moments in it..

No matter how you feel, get up dress up, show up ….never give up.

Train your mind and heart to see the good in everything. There is always something to be grateful for. ..

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