Are we really progressing as a human? : Thoughts on unusual but surprising scenario yesterday…

Note: Article looks big but I guess it’s worth reading to make yourself better citizen.


I was in the city bus yesterday night. I hardly got a seat to seat.In all that crowd, and in those 100 different people, One sound popped up complaining about the wide doors of city bus. The conversation between those two people was like this :

P1: “Oh man, I’m always afraid to stand before these doors. Those mad drivers hit brakes so abruptly and these doors are too wide that one might really get thrown our of the bus”.

P2: “Yeah, thats right. You know, I don’t understand how these guys don’t understand such a simple logic that they should have made those doors little bit narrow,  and plus these drivers are too mad to drive. They just don’t care…”

Just after their conversation ended, they had to get down, he got down from the back door ( which is not allowed BTW) and literally got crushed between incoming crowd in the bus and got kicked out.

The person in front of me yesterday ( in other bus of course) was on call with someone and he said, “Dear, I’ll be a bit late. This driver is driving so slowly.He isn’t at all a good driver. I didn’t see him driving above 40 km/hr”.

He went on putting some curse on bus driver talking 100 different things about his driving and all.

The true situation was, “The same person was sleeping from last 5 hours in the journey and didn’t knew that there’s lot more traffic on the way than usual”.

Why am I describing this all?

All the people involved in the scenarios above were educated.

The only thing that made me to think on this is the fact that they were completely wrong with what they said and it would be okay if they would have said it after chewing their thoughts for a while.

Of course their conversation doesn’t affect anyone, its their private matter but I want to let you notice this. This strange behavior of human species( I know, just humans who do this. At least I have’t seen any animal doing so) to talk without thinking.

I don’t understand why do we have problems with everything? and if we have, why do we bring it onto our lips rather than being known, being careful about it?

Why do we point others ? Why do we just remain busy showing others mistakes? and that too without understanding everything?

In both of the above scenarios, neither the engineers who designed that bus nor the drivers are mad… there must be thoughts behind having that wide door. Those doors were wide because lot more people enter at the same time in the bus as compared to other transports. The front door by which passenger gets down is rightly narrow enough to allow one at a time.

I’m not here to describe this but this is how we behave. It’s not that only those people were doing so but we do it in our everyday life…

Just think of how many times do you break traffic signals? and still you dare to point Police’s mistakes…

The same person who talks about wide doors, gets out from the same wide doors at the back which is not at all allowed ?

The same person who is in sleep from last 5 hours in above scenario says driver isn’t driving good and he is such a bad driver…

If you think so much, if you dare so much to utter words against problems, make sure that you aren’t a part of problem.If you don’t like people not following traffic signals, first you don’t break signals…

I had nothing to do with the scenarios but I still get so angry about such people who point their mistakes to others…

I understand not every thought matches between people but if you can’t prove how you are right, please think on how other side is true.Its not worth to just throw your words randomly…People aren’t here to listen your random, unpolished thoughts.

Somewhere we need to understand this … Once you throw words out of your mouth, they never come back. And of course as other people hurt you, your random words can hurt others too.

We are humans.We are the best brains on the earth. We are educated…If we still do such things, its shame to live as human…

And Yes !!! it’s that serious. Just close your eyes and think how many times you utter such words without thinking of others and without studying both sides of the problem.

I don’t think behaving so is going to keep us long on earth and neither this makes us best…

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