A glance at life till date…


Yesterday night, I was on the terrace for a while. I had no one to talk. It was just me on the terrace,waiting for someone to message me to ping me back as usual..I knew, my friends have gone to home or they could be busy or somehow they won’t be able to talk…It was fine ( actually I convinced myself that its fine..I’m so used to our conversations…it wasn’t fine inside).

So I just went on thinking about myself…

you know when I look into my past, I had crazy dreams and weird choices. I was little shy to talk, I just used to be in my own world, a world where there were just the things I liked..

When all other boys loved bikes and cars, I liked technology…I used to cut those mobile’s advertises on newspaper and used to stick them on my dedicated notebook. I used to stay silent than fighting back with situations, I did not wish to hurt anybody…I used to sit near my window and see the rain drops coming down …

Knowing that my parents are facing more problem than me, I always kept mine to mine.

As I grew up, my life changed gradually. I started making friends. Only those I always liked to talk, my habits and choice about technical stuff now became more towards mobile phones and computers…This was phase of the life where I started knowing that I’ll have to face all this life by myself.

Then I left home for further studies. For the first time, I ever dared so hard. Life seemed tough. but again, I started balancing everything with time. Slowly I picked up my interests and picked up my goals.

I don’t find many people like me but I found few with whom I just like to be me…the real “Mukesh” behind the happy face…with those people, life has been such an awesome thing.

I might go sad, emotional sometimes but I’m absolutely happy with those people I’m living with. I miss their presence, I enjoy talking to them, I enjoy being with them…I have no complaints about life..

There are people who criticize me and there are people who love me almost equally as I do love them. With all this, I just don;t care about who criticizes me. I just like being myself and like to be best with everyone.

With my life up til now, I have learn from life is that no matter how you love people, how you love life, no matter how much time you want to end everything and how much times you loose, life still goes on. ..

Life changes every day. I always prefer going ahead with life with more adventures and explore the things I like. I believe in hard work. I believe in hopes. Someday that’s gonna pay off !!!

I was just thinking about this all and found my phone telling me something !!! Oops …It was message from my best friend asking me if i’m missing our conversation …it was just like God listening to me, my thoughts… my prayer..wow.Popped out of my seat and my hands went onto my keyboard..to text back …This is what life is !!!


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