Being Human …


“Wisdom comes with the age…”

I asked opinion about this quote to many people and lot of them answered, “I don’t think this is true anymore with this vast era of information being spread over the internet daily,everything is being shared by people …I think today, even 5 year’s baby knows how to operate a computer.”

You know, As a human, we know very little. With all out technology, science, inventions and the machines, there’s a lot in the nature that we simply will never understand …something we have no explanation for .

For example, Love is something that we as a human have never been able to predict. We couldn’t tell when will it strike, when will it have a wrench…

Lot of poets, painters, writers and creative people have been trying to define it with their own levels but none can truly define it.

It’s something that is part of “being Human”. Its just like,”the one who has felt it, understands it”.

Although this technology at one side is improving us and our lives, we have been pushed towards being machines than being human. We have started missing the skills we had before that made us to survive…today, just a bite of an ant disturbs us.

Those subtle signals that made the hair stand up, or when we just knew someone was nearby even though we couldn’t see them. Something like electricity, Now we ignore signals. is it like we are overly sensitive about that . We are getting used to such interruptions…

As a human, we should recognize this gradual change in ourselves and should have steps to detach from this whirring  minds. We should learn to trust our inner selves again rather than deciding our day on the future predicted by futurists…

It would be hard for many to be at least partially instinct to our decision making and the trust we have on our selves…It would be hard especially for those who have become so co-dependent on digital information. Someone like me …

As a human we should take it seriously because this is an animal we were born to be …

Tuning to our inner voice, quieting our chattering mind…getting back to this is where we belong…

While living  in this world, knowingly or unknowingly we are getting shaped more towards ignorance, selfishness, superstitions, helplessness, dependence, rudeness …

With all the thoughts above, we need to be on the ground that although it looks like we have got the best of the brains in the world, although it seems that we are ruling the whole world…its not quiet right …We should learn to be “Being Human”…

When we truly quiet the mind, turn off the data stream inside and just be the beast, we become in tune with the Universe and all things sacred.


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