What matters in life?


I like to see people those crazy people who believe that their life is driven by their luck, or their life is controlled by some forces of Nature.

For me, what you do is what you get.I don’t believe in luck.Luck is something that you create on your own. It’s not already written…

Life indifferently remains  imperfectly for each of us and it seems like our fate is decided by random events…

While life is not only just happiness nor sadness, events will occurs to affect us in different ways.What truly matters is our reactions to those events.

With every situation in life, a person has choices to react..either positively with motivation or negatively with sorrow. No matter which one you choose, it definitely affects one’s life. .

Keeping this in our mind, being aware of this could can help you enjoy your life the way it is. If your thoughts are negative in a day, you can bet , the world will look frustrating …

But if you change, if you remain positive, anything in the world is possible…

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