Copying machines…


Today I was seating in a library, and I saw two friends. One of them was reading something and other was interrupting her by saying that we should go outside and have some break. But first one refused to go out, and continued with her reading. Then other one went somewhere (well, I don’t know exactly where she had gone). Then again after some time other one came back and peeped into her friend’s book. Then she also start reading.

This was really very common incident. We also behaves like this many times. This type of behavior is not intentional. It is really very natural. And nothing is weird in it.But it made me to think over it a lot.

I was so much surprised that, why we do this? Don’t we have faith on our work, that what we have done is the best?

Why we always compare ourselves with someone else? And if we are not satisfied with our work then we should work hard on it. But instead of that we compare ourselves with others and then if we think that we should do it much better then only we start working on it.

What is this? Is this an insecurity? I guess YES!!! This is an insecurity. And everyone has this unintentionally deep in their mind.

And I think the reason behind our this type of behavior is that, that we always wanted to be at the best position. And always want attention of others. We don’t ever want to be ignored by anyone. We always want to be at foreground. So that no one should forget us.

Because if we wouldn’t be at such a position, then people will ignore us (yes, that’s reality) and then at some point we’ll be out of their sight. Which will in turn make us to feel avoided one or lonely one.

And as we all know that, we human beings like to be social. We always want to be surrounded by people. Always want others to be with us.

And in today’s world, if we lose our position, if we lose fame, everyone will forget us. So that we are always insecure about our position, that no one should hitch it from us .

Its not just about that incident but it is a reality of our thinking process….

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