Life is really simple but we tend to complicate it…


I was looking out on the road through the window. There was this girl sitting with her two children. Looked like she would be in 24th-25th of her age. She was a beggar.

A serious look on her face, her chronic sari was enough to explain her life. Being handicap, she was barely able to get up on her own. Being small, those children had no idea of whats going on in their lives, they were just busy playing with the puppy besides them.

One thing that stroke me was that no matter how her life was, she was still moving ahead with life, she was still happy. That happiness might not be overflowing but looked like she had no complaints about her own life…She was just read to accept what life had offered her.

I just went on looking at the walls around me…How can they be happy with whatever they have and we still can’t find out happiness in our lives?

I would have loved to get out of the fours walls I was in and go on the road besides her…

At least she had no walls around like me or everyone of us…Those walls everyone creates around to make ourselves comfortable…limiting our world to what we like and limiting our world to what situations in our life have built around us…

We build those walls with our insecurities, our fears, with our ego, impatience, failed expectations…

We build those walls to hide ourselves, to protect that broken heart…the list just goes endless brick by brick…

Sometimes we do feel that those bricks, those walls comforts us , but with those four walls , we limit our creations to those walls only…

Why can’t we punch those bricks with our abilities, with our faiths and hopes, by believing in ourselves ?

By incorporating such things in life, being positive with everything in life, we can punch those bricks one each day and then soon,we too will join those people like that girl I saw, a girl with no limitations of life, no complaints against what she has got , no walls around, and a girl happy with what life has offered her…

I think, “Life is really simple. We just tend to make it complicated”…Change your thoughts and this whole world will become heaven for you …


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