I was on the terrace last night and there was one of my other friends talking over the call saying,”Oh friend, I respect your work and I really wanted to do my best but I was feeling sleepy last night , so I slept and in the morning, I had to go to office so I went and thus couldn’t complete your work..”

I was unknowingly listening that all because I was also texting one of my friends.

In whole of my life until now, i never liked to give such reasons. My perspective of looking at is that “if you can’t do some work, accept that you didn’t do it. Don’t give reasons…”.

I understand, sometimes those reasons could be genuine but if you would really  want to do it , you would have done that in any way.

It’s a human tendency that we feel awkward to accept our mistakes. But it’s even worst to fool our mind in spite of knowing that it’s not those reasons because of which you didn’t do that job but its your negligence towards that thing caused you to fail.somewhere, you couldn’t give it as much importance as you should have given…

When you mean something, you reserve time for those things…When you really want to do something, when you really mean it, you can do anything to achieve it. I don’t like when people cover that up with those bullshit reasons.

My thinking says, if you feel so bad about your failure , if you feel so awkward that you choose to give reasons, better you won’t accept such challenges or you utilize your time more and share your spare time to achieve those things.

You won’t really die if you don’t waste your 30 minutes of tea break and use it to complete such of your serious, valuable tasks. If you can’t do that ? it’s pretty much straight forward that you don’t value those serious tasks.It completely reveals that you are comfortable to give reasons to people.

Fooling people doesn’t mean anything but fooling your own mind to believe something that isn’t true or wrong , is the worst loss you do within yourself.

Just take some time and check out how much reasons do we give for everything we do in a day…we are constantly fooling our mind and thus ourselves…

I believe in reacting on things rather than wasting my time in thinking about my failures and giving  reasons for those failures. I either accept challenges and complete them or I don’t even accept. I dont ever choose to be in that intermediate state of giving reasons …rather I choose to apologize for something I can’t achieve…




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