Nature is perfect …


Every time I go  happy with my decisions, every time  I enjoy my day, every time I see baby smiling with my childish talk with it,  as if it understood what I was talking about …

“Human brain” is a thing that  interests me in such situations with all its complicated decisions, emotional/chemical balances, different activation at different parts at different situations…

Its such a vital organ for humans and every living thing for that matter…

I always wonder how it creates/solves complications in life,

I wonder how it makes me text my friend without even looking at my phones screen and just with the feedback I get from vibrator of the phone ,

I wonder how it remembers not only every person I meet, it also  judges people within seconds,

I wonder how it makes me feel shy to talk in front of the people sometimes but makes me comfortable to talk on messages…

I wonder how I can feel touch, hurt and how I can smell …

Everything it does is just a best example of perfection of Nature…


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