Sometimes when I walk alone down the road, seems like all these people around me, my friends, my students, my loved ones, strangers…everything is just fake. Those are not real …

Seems like everyone in front of me is there just to let me feel my existence. Seems like every movement on earth except me, is already been decided to happen. Don’t know who would have done that but I just remain calm, look at a peoples in front, look at my daughter speaking continuously with me…everything looks so unreal.

Looks like everyone reports back to god when I sleep…

that tapping water after I get up,

those sleeping friends ,

people besides me,

that sleeping dog,

those time watches everywhere, continuously counting every second of my life,

everything just seems to be there for me to be aware of myself. It becomes more intense when I see some bus driver stopping bus just for me on the bus stop.

Looks like everyone behaves very carefully so that I won’t notice their fake behavior. God would have strictly ordered them about that .

Sometimes I just think of catching them red handed behaving fake…I look somewhere and suddenly look at those trees to capture them red handed showing their falseness,doing those fake movements of their leaves.

But I don’t find any …

Sometimes I see someone going besides me and check him again to see if he vanished after passing by me …

Looks like the moment I’ll die, everyone will just pack up and will return to heaven. The  earth then will again be as fresh as new.As if they have finished their work.

People will simply vanish, tress will go under ground and whole earth will be simply like a moon..completely fresh again with nothing over it…

All these people, life around  will then get ready to behave on earth for the next birth…



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