Quick reactions …


Last Friday, all M.Sc part-1 students were invited for SPPU’s Vice Chancellor’s welcome speech. He was going to come there to welcome us and to inspire us with his life experiences .

While he was sharing bits and pieces of his life, the small part of his speech which I liked most was “He never knew what he was doing (he was totally unaware of what a great work he had done). His uncle was the one, who filled his M.Sc-entrance exam form for Delhi University. And then he qualified the exam and got admitted in Delhi University unexpectedly. Same story for PhD too. Then further he started teaching at SPPU. And one fine day he got a call informing that he was selected as a Vice Chancellor of SPPU (again unexpected).”

I observed mixed reactions between my friends on this para. lot of them were like, “he is not deserving for the position he has now. It was just an accident and he get that coincidentally. because he had not planned anything or had not done any hard work to achieve the position.”

Thats fine !!! it’s their opinion about the scenario. Its neither going to affect him, nor to any of us.

But you know, I was completely disagree with what my friends were thinking of. They can’t just react so casually that he doesn’t deserve his position. Neither them nor me know the real struggles he would have done in his life…might not be to achieve chancellor’s position but who knows?

You can’t just judge someone  at first sight..

I don’t mean those quick reactions on situations,scenarios without thinking anything, without knowing anything would lead you to predict wrong but you never know …you might go wrong.

I think he is absolutely deserving because the one who had selected him as a vice chancellor, was not pressurized to select him. He must found something special, that he had given him the chance to be the Vice Chancellor.

We say it simply, for us its just a matter of uttering few words and presenting our response but the actual situation might be complete different. It not applies to this but its more general for every situation in your life, every reaction that you bring on your face.

You never know, those quick,careless, heedless reactions could hurt someone a lot than the extent at which you mean it. It’s not a matter of being right or wrong but its about knowing the truth behind the scenes…

Think for a minute before you say something. You won’t get your words back once you throw them at someone.

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