You are not alone …


I was listening to some songs at night,  thanks to that awesome music quality of my Nextbit Robin. In between I got notification on my phone…

It was from one my readers at “People and thoughts” appreciating me for one of the posts she liked…we talked a bit about that, we shared bit of our thoughts on it for a while…

Our conversation ended after a while, I went to sleep but at the back of my mind, there were still those thoughts roaming quick here and there again and again…somewhere I was really very happy that there are people who respect, who like the things I do…

Its such an awesome feeling to know that your feelings, your thoughts on something match with someone else and that person reaches you, specially to talk about those things…this is not only your win  but the person to contact you also gains the same respect.

The biggest encouragement for me in this is to know that no matter who you are, where do you live, how you’re feeling and no matter how stressful your life is…you are not alone.

Its really encouraging to know that there are people who think exactly the way you do, whose thoughts, behavior match to your’s ..

No matter how my day was, those few words with my reader made me sleep happily at night…

After all you readers are all that keep this awesome community of thoughts alive …Thank you so much !!!



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