Key to love yourself…


I’m sure her breathing would have stooped for a while, she literally went red when her laptop slipped from her hand, right onto the ground and at the last moment before touching the ground,  she caught it back, she looked like she has paused even her breathing to achieve it…She was literally vibrating because she would have cracked her laptop thoroughly.

Quickly she grabbed it, hugged tight and said, “Ooh sorry… sorry dear !!!! I’m very sorry for loosing attention onto you and falling you down”…She cross checked again and again if it has any crashes anywhere…

I don’t know what I mean to convey with this..I just wanted to share the scenario with you readers…

May be loving your things so from the heart that their problems become yours , although you know those things don’t have souls to understand you , you still say “Sorry” and “Thanks” to them , knowingly or unknowingly…Thats what interests me !!!

I liked this one of her habits…I know not everyone likes it…because sometimes it looks like behaving mad. But who care’s about what other’s say?

Thanking your things is not a bad behavior !!! In fact those “Sorry’s” and “Thanks” you say every time to your own things, to your own soul for tiny little things you do in a day , those sorry’s, thanks make you to love yourself more than anyone else…

Who knows you more than your own soul ? If you learn to be a good friend of your own soul with those sorry and thanks for everything in a day, what else you need to live your life happily?

That’s what keeps me happy lot of times…Learn to enjoy your own company !!!

I say thanks to my Moto G for being there for me, I request my loose full sleeves to remain up on my hand stretched unto my elbow and thank them for being there for a while…

I give my soul 10 minutes everyday at night in order to discuss about how his whole day was, and what fun did we both made in a day, I talk to god sometimes, thanking him for being there every time I need someone…!!! Isn’t that great ? soul and me are such a good friends !!! We have no arguments, we have no complaints …no selfishness !!!!



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