Lesson from bugs…



I loved this quote I read in the morning that says , “Debugging a program is like being a detective in a crime movie where you are also the murderers.”


They are everywhere…Bugs are there on your bed, on your desk, in your mind, in the water you drink, in the code you write, in the data…everywhere you can imagine !!!

You don’t know them until you execute them , until they start annoying you…

People usually look at them as a bug , but have you ever thought that those bugs…are not the mistakes. mistakes are different than bugs.

Bugs represent “something you thought is right but actually wasn’t” …that’s why you won’t notice them until you execute them, until they finish their work.

They show your mistakes in unique way. Rather than neglecting them , learn to notice them. Learning from them and improving yourself with their existence  is what makes them die.

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