A moment of gratitude : People and Thoughts


I love to be there for someone who needs me the most at times. Its one of those awesome moments where I just feel being alive, most useful…I feel the humanity.

I don’t mean being there for big problems in their life, I mean the smallest problems, sadness that other’s don’t notice, those little expressions on their cute, innocent faces trying to hide that sadness…that’s what I have taught my brain to notice.

I know, I’m not doing anything extra ordinary in this but just being there for someone and walking through the exact same incident with them, trying to convince them, trying to encourage them, trying to help them to get up again…creating a safe space for their anger, pain, their emotions at times, staying with them until whole fire of their thoughts extinguishes…this thing has often meant everything to me.

It’s not only the people in my life but its about every living thing. May it be my friends, my mom, my teammates, a beggar alongside a road, a rickshaw driver, a girl of my age or a dog on my way …

I don’t do it for some reason, I don’t do it for appreciation…I do it because my mind asks me to do that…that’s who I am.People sometimes thank me for being there for them, as if they owe me bunch of gratitude for being there but truly speaking, from my perspective, it is I who owe them , it’s my inner sound that asks me, it’s the respect I have between our relation, that makes me to help them.

It is I who owe them for that huge gift of trusting me, allowing me to be a part of those awful moments of darkest hours and pain.

That’s why I have been living my life for …

I remain there, because I respect their emotions, I understand the deepness of their thoughts…I understand that they might not say it but they need me to be there…to convince them that everything is gonna be fine…

for all those in my life helping me in some way, making me who I am today. I owe a debt of gratitude for you all…Thanks you so much !!!





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