Strength doesn’t come from winning, your struggles define your strength…


I love watching outside just after having my bath in the morning. There’s this big ground in front, full of grass…Its pretty much good view from the forth floor of our apartment where I live. I enjoy watching my day rising in front of me with faint light rays and people, children hurrying for school…

One of my attractions outside during that is a bitch. She has recently given birth to around 3-4 puppies. I love to observe how she comes there in the grass, hides them inside, how she brings meal for them etc…

One thing I have been noticing in this is that although she cares so much about those puppies, because of the rain, those puppies get wet. She doesn’t care at all about that. Once they get wet, they start barking and they start getting out of that grass area to find some place to hide but she? She just ignores that and goes away.

Rather, I have seen her picking them up and pacing them back into the grass…

I go crazy with such of her behavior and yesterday thought of getting them out on my own  because I think they might die crying or they might get attacked by some disease etc.I guess, sometimes I just think a lot..

I don’t know why, they didn’t cry that day and thus I cancelled my decision. I was’t able to understand the matter at all. When shared this with my father, he said, What she is doing is right. He said, “she wants them to fight on their own and get the strength. Strength does not come from winning, your struggles define your strength”.

I could not go and get hose puppies out because they never cried later that day. This is really amazing …The sentence has such a big meaning…

May be that how we learn to grow, struggling with life, struggling with every problem and situation…

I have seen people working for money, students studying for marks…this is a good message for them. Don’t work because it gives you money, do it because you love doing it.

Because we go on failing and failing in life, we are not actually going down, we should learn from it, we should learn from the mistakes we make and we should be ready to fight back again.

We should show life that although plan ‘A’ fails, I have plan ‘B’, plan ‘C’ and they are up to ‘Z’. I’ll always be ready.

We should understand that life is not a race, as we accept our happiness, as we access our win, we should learn to accept our failures too…after all those failures make us stronger. They teach teach us a lot …

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