People will be right until…


I go to university everyday at evening, after my work hours…Just to spend some time with my friends there.

One of my friends was upset yesterday…I didn’t ask what the problem was, she neglected coming in front of me…probably because i’m good at noticing such tiny changes on her face.

Late at night, she messages me saying, “No one cares about me, everyone gets so angry, no one understands my situation…I know i’m not best, I know I don’t have patience, but it’s not the way people should treat me !!!”.

I agreed on her reply. She herself is actually a little bit impatient.She get’s angry easily, She may be goes strict sometimes but all her anger and impatience is just a part of her nature. She doesn’t actually mean it. Intentions are not to hurt . Its just an instant frustration getting out onto someone…She is just innocent, cute, little girl that gets angry because her papa didn’t bring her a chocolate.

Although this all is fair, one should understand  that “Everyone on this earth is different. People aren’t here to keep you happy.”. If you help someone, you don’t do it in order to get something in return from that person.

People are going to be bad with you, they are intentionally/ unintentionally going hurt you. You can simply stop thinking on their behaviors with you and move on.I know it hurts but you can either react or accept. That intermediate state of thinking on it ,, doesn’t yield anything.It just hurts you more than them.

I don’t even mean that people are bad always. Sometimes our views, our thoughts, our depressions lead us to bad behavior. Sometimes, they just say it as a reaction to something deep happening in their lives, they might not mean it seriously. We can’t just go on thinking on our side only.

But all their reactions, their way of behavior might teach you a lot as a person. If you want to react, learn what that situation that incident taught you rather than thinking on it and crying.

Learn to compromise your life. You can’t expect people to behave best with you just because you remain best with them. Their life problems, their situations are different than yours.

Always find a way to keep your life going good. Why should the situations, people control how you feel? Why should we waste all our day just because someone said something to you !!!

On the other hand, when we think so much, we get disturbed so much, we also should keep this thing in mind while getting angry on someone.

Learn to compromise in life, if people say you something, just listen to what they want to say, don’t react on it.

People will be right until you say “you can…”



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