Don’t always believe what your brain shows you…



I have always been thinking of  “Brain” and “Mind” or “Soul” we say.

I don’t think there’s anything as Mind/Soul inside. It is just a concept or virtual world built by our brain in order to protect itself. I mean just imagine a person without soul but brain…It would be more like a robot with all the tasks programmed inside…

May be thats why a baby ( like a completely clean slate) just goes on observing the world around itself. That  could be where the mind concept gets built inside that Innocent, fresh brain…

May be that’s why there is this concept called nurturing. Helping brain to build good mindset…

Brain does his own work. Its not the brain that makes one angry, it’s not the brain that makes one to smoke, its not the brain that doesn’t study…it does what it is told to do.Its the mind that thinks.

Its always the mind, that virtual world built by brain itself that makes a person good/bad.

We still believe everything that our brain shows us…

We should understand that we should not trust everything our brain shows us. Brain is just an executing machine like something we have built as a microprocessor/computers.

We need to give that opportunity of final behavior/reaction to any situation to mind…

Sometimes I really think that Machine Learning , Google’s deep mind, inception is just the next step of making machines to think. Making machines to create their own existence…

The way you feel the soul inside, the way you understand the world around, those feeling of hurt, love…I don’t think that real …Its completely virtual. Its just what our brain reacts to  it by secreting some hormones. These feeling we feel are just what our brain shows us..That’s how you are able to smell, taste chocolate just by looking at it.

Our brain isn’t that smart..its the mind that makes it smart.

You want to experience this ? You want to see why these feelings are virtual?

Start your stopwatch, stop your breath and see the reaction of your brain. It almost agitates.

Now don’t let your brain listen to mind by distracting it . Start your stopwatch, stop your breath, this time take out phone and start messaging friend, start listening some song…

Your brain no more listens to mind asking to create that agitation…you hold the breath longer than previous.

That’s how your mom asks you about the blood on your leg and you wonder “when did that cut on my leg ? I didn’t noticed it… “. Where did that feeling of hurt went at times ?

You didn’t noticed it because your brain was at times busy doing other stuff, you bypassed that feeling …thats how you get control over the situation in your life and the feelings you feel.

One should understand that everything you see isn’t real…Even “Salt” looks like “Sugar”.




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