Lesson from keeping unnecessary Secrets…



Yesterday evening , Me and one of my students finished our study, we both came down , I asked her to note down the formulas we learnt, one of the closest student heard it…came to me and asked, “Sir, Why didn’t you tell me about the class you are conducting ?”.

I….personally had no reply for this !!! Why ? wait ..I’ll tell you more on that…

For the time being, I asked her too to join the class but you know, I was able to feel the hurt that student had inside her about not informing her for the class we had. It wasn’t about what we learnt and she missed, but it was more about the hurt she had for not being called in the class.

I was really feeling guilty about not calling the other student for the class. Both of them are not only my students, but our relation means more than anything to us.

This whole thing affected the other student that attended the class because she was thinking that the whole story happened because of her. Because she believed that informing about lecture isn’t my responsibility but it was her responsibility which she didn’t do at times.

At the end of the day, we all three were disturbed.

Why am I saying this all ? it has nothing to do with anyone’s life !!!

The lesson I learnt out of all this has great meaning rather than what actually happened. Thats what I found to be important for “People and Thoughts”.

Both of the students are one of the bests for me. They are just about to go through their internships within next few months.

They both as per my observation found to have interest in different subjects and thus made me to conduct their classes separately because I wasn’t wanted to teach them which they don’t like and concentrate on what they are good at.

And it wasn’t like I was taking only the class of one of them but I was also having a look at both of their studies and was guiding them on their way.

I knew they are going to come to know about this someday but I thought it was okay because it was for their goodness.

I never had thought that this could end up disturbing all three.

The lesson I learnt and I want you to learn from this is : “Don’t keep the secrets in which people are involved. At least the people which are involved in it should know about that “.

Looks like an angry quote but I thought on both of the sides. Even if I would be there in place of the other student, I would have thought sad for not getting called for class.  I was wrong to execute this idea of hiding what I has decided to do and this led to misunderstanding between us. We are best . So I cleared up everything and we are good but the story taught me a lot …

“Don’t keep those secrets to you in which people are involved. At least the people that are involved in it should know those…”. your intentions might not be bad but someday it is going to create misunderstanding and it hurts…You have no right of playing with peoples emotions.




3 thoughts on “Lesson from keeping unnecessary Secrets…

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