Learn to hack yourself…



Hacking..such a crazy word…encourages almost everyone at least once in life.

We love to see people doing it in movie, breaking the locks, jail breaking their phones, hacking some code, hijacking systems…

Why don’t we learn to hack out lives too? Is it that bad to hack our own ?

Why do we get bored when we are alone ? Can’t we hack ourselves to enjoy the loneliness too?

What if we observe everything we do and try to optimize it ? may be doing it fast, getting used to it or may be doing it more accurately…!!!

Don’t be dependent on anything in this world. Of course you can’t be independent but don’t make it compulsory in your life..don’t make it a need.

  • “I get up in the morning, noticed that I still feel sleepy, slept for 15 more minutes, get up sadly thinking of sleeping more, brush my teeth, have bath, get ready, go to office, come back, have a dinner, sleep.”
  • Break up every task, the calculation becomes something like :
  • 15 + 10+ 20 + 20 + 30 + 600 ( 10 hours of office time) + 120 ( roughly 2 hours of time pass in between leaving office and dinner) + 20 + 480 ( 8 hours of sleep) .
  • 1315 minutes of regularly wasted time out of 1440 minutes in a day.
  • 1440 – 1315 = 125 minutes = 2.08 hours of time for yourself ( Don’t even know what do we do during that time).

My current schedule :

  • I get up in the morning, I know I feel sleep, so the moment I feel so, I get up against it ( hack 1) , I have a bath first ( hack 2), I brush my teeth while doing the low priority work in the process of getting ready,  go to office, come back, have a dinner, sleep.
  • breakup every task, the calculation becomes something like :
  • 20 + 20 + 30 + 600 + (I don’t waste my 2 hours in middle in time pass , I study ) + 20 + 300 ( 5 hours of a sleep )
  • 900 minutes of regularly wasted time out of 1440 minutes in a day.
  • 1440 – 900 = 540 minutes = 9.0 hours of time for myself ( now being cautious, I know what I should do during this time)

What did I chang ? I change the order in which I do my things in a day… I figured out the things that waste my time in a day or could be arranged better for using less time…

Just 3-4 minutes of time saving in tasks results to 9.0 hours of time for myself rather than 2.08 that I used to get early…

Do you know this simple rule of success ?

Manage your time …Don’t waste it. It’t not like really lifting yourself up to do your best, you just need few hacks in life, few intelligent use of brain to save time and use it for something more useful…

I don’t understand why people like to sit for hours in the canteen with the reason of their hunger !!! Can’t they just eat and get out ?

I understand you are human, and you need to enjoy too…but everything has a priority..I don’t mean to leave every of your wish  but assign priority to your tasks…Thats gonna help a lot !!!

The more I reflect on my life , the more I think of the valuable lessons I have learnt over the past few years…I realize that the deepest time of growth was nothing but the time I used to do something hard in my life.

You still have those 9 hours to enjoy life too … its just about arranging things in life properly and doing the things at exact times when they are supposed to be done .

Some things are meant to be hard …and that’s a good thing.



5 thoughts on “Learn to hack yourself…

  1. Hey Buddy, Feeling proud to sit behind you in the same cubicle, where you run all these amazing thoughts.
    Frankly speaking I never thought you would such great thoughtful personality and but again like one of your article says what you see is not what the reality is.

    My best wishes to you. Keep writing and spreading good thoughts.


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