Which Level Do you Belong


One of my best friends called me yesterday night and told about the incident happened with her. It wasn’t much serious but she is very Innocent and  she is not at all used to such things.

The reason behind everything was nothing but her frankness with people. Frankness ??? Really ?

Yah ! Frankness…

We see everyone with the same glass and behave same with everyone. We hide this of our behavior by calling it with a fancy name of “Nature”. We say, “I behaved that way but its my Nature…I never meant anything the way he/she thought.I was just me there.”.

If you believe, everyone on earth is different, How can you trust someone like everyone else ? How can you be the same with everyone?

“Not everyone that smiles with you is Good !!!” , you need to understand this.

The people you meet, the people you live with …keep level of your behaviors for them.

You can be at good, bad and best level with the people depending on who you are with !!!

This frankness we share with people, the frankness with which we trust , makes us vulnerable. People take advantage of it…

This is why observing people helps me always. I see their true faces. I see their innocence, I see their anger, I see how they behave with others..Thats what helps me to decide my behavior with them…

It’t not at all about being selfish, it’s not about being bad with people…It’s about being true with everyone. It’s about weighing their behavior with proper scale…It’s about being “Tit for Tat”.

Looks like this is not who we are, but trust me…this is how you should be. The difference between the levels could be very less but there’s always difference between people’s behaviors.

These levels, don’t let them expect much from you, they keep your relation distant or close and these levels allow you to live the way your want your life to be …

Try to classify people with this …

If you remain same with everyone, trust me, one day you will come on this same blog telling me that “I was right !!!”. Better to change yourself at this time …


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