Why don’t we understand ?



Our soul knows us best because its the only  place where you can’t hide yourself.

Your soul knows you more than anyone else in the world…Even more than  your parents.

But you know, we are intelligent enough to fool ourselves too to believe we are what we are not…it could be an alternative way to convince but we fool ourselves too…

You do some work, someone praises you, You know, you copied that work from somewhere on Google and its not actually been done by you…you still believe that you are actually intelligent who can do that work…and you feel proud of it ???

It turns out that 60-70% of our life is full of such false impressions, we create our respect out of it ?

We feel proud of showing our 80%, 95% marks in exams although we know how much of it we have actually understood in real…

We just practice Python for 2 weeks and mention in the resume that we know python? Really ?

Why don’t we understand that wearing a “Police’s dress” doesn’t make us Police…Its just a fake impression that we carry with ourselves..fooling ourselves…

Why do we live our life with such fake reputation? Why do we fool our own soul to believe that we are great ? Why do we have that ego for something we are not …

Why won’t we accept the truth and behave accordingly ?

I don’t understand why people do this !!! No one has to do anything with you. No one cares about how you are and what you believe you are…It just affects you…Those fake impressions aren’t at all going to help you at times because no matter how much you believe, those are fake…

No matter , how similar you look like Police with that fake police dress, inside , you are still a same person. It doesn’t make you capable of shooting with Pistol.

I am not against fooling people , you may need to do that sometimes, don’t fool your own soul..because that’s where you have to live whole of your life.



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