How my habit makes me to hate my favorite song…



Everyone loves music. I do. Which one I like depends on my mood and  the environment around. Sometimes I love to just keep it going and natter in between with my work while sometimes I like to sit down specially for that and completely get involved in the emotions of the song.

Why am I saying this?

I have this bad habit of enjoying the instruments rather than enjoying the actual lyrics of the song. I like to notice those ups and downs in the music, the way it engages me is awesome…

Again this doesn’t happen always. Depends on my mood. I like to notice those different levels at which different instruments work.Try it , its completely different perspective of enjoying music.

How this thing affects on me is that if I like it, I enjoy it. But if I don’t, every next time I listen the same song, although I don’t want, I still notice those instruments rather than lyrics.

This makes me to hate that song.

There’s always some part of song that you start noticing after this that you don’t at all like…not because you are expert in it , but just because you don’t have mood and it doesn’t work with you..and once you do this mistake of listening to instruments in song, you won’t like it again..

Of course I’m not forcing this thing onto you, its just something that I noticed …

So next time you listen your favorite song, better to try discarding lyrics and enjoying just those silent sounds of instruments in it…its awesome experience.


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