People are not bad always…


Few days before , me and my friend were returning home, we sat in the rickshaw, we both looked in the side mirrors and both looked at each other.

We found the drivers eyes to be red, showing he was drunk…my friend literally stopped the rickshaw and asked me to get out of it. The driver understood this thing but didn’t reply.

I found this thing annoying…somehow, we later found that that driver went through some critical eye surgery…the reason behind his red eyes that day was “a problem with his eyes” and he wasn’t drunk at all…

I swear, I felt very depressed with my act ( well not mine really but I was a part of it) that day. I never thought of the other thing that was possible…that he would have some problem with his eye.

We compare everyone on the basis of what happens to us…we don’t even think of how they would be standing today ?

Why do we still take it for granted? We don’t know what that person would be going through…what he would be facing?

Its okay that he seems to be wrong but do you confirm this before uttering a single word against that?

Step into their shoes and think of the person in front..they aren’t wrong hurts.

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