The invisible aspects of life…



I love observing people and their behaviors at different times. I have this habit of keeping the cache at the back and train myself with its contents about some people i meet…now I don’t do it to spy them nor i’m  the Sherlock Holmes of our century. I just do it . I come to know more about people this way..

As I prefer being silent, It helps me to concentrate more at my work and know people more accurately than what most of the other ones discard about them..

My friend yesterday, texted me, suddenly my cache became active, as I went on texting more, I came to know that she should have something wrong,depressing going on in her day and the next few messages helped me to conclude that she actually wasn’t feeling well and I was accurate enough to guess that she must be coughing a bit and would have cold.

I asked her, my guess was right …How did I do that? I know its not a big deal but the environment around us tells us a lot …we tend to neglect lot of the minute things happening around us in a day which in fact matter the most…

If you want to be best with people, this is one of the things that you must learn to remember much minute things about them..these things help not only to make them feel special but you get an opportunity to be there for them when they need you.

Now observing peoples behaviors, I think of it like SQL query.You start from his dress, make predictions you can make , the vague ones , and you go on filtering and confirming them with the few next notices…

For me , Its not about spying them but its about learning to observe the world more accurately. Just think how many times have you seen the sky right above you ? how many times have you noticed your dog eating something strange…we neglect such things..

Let’s do this :

Step 1: Think of your phones home screen in your mind. You see it everyday. You remember it? its wallpaper? think of the icon on the bottom left corner. Do you know which is it ? …think about it. once you find out ..take out your phone and check if you are right or wrong …

Step 2: are you wrong ? the lesson ends here for you .

Step 3: are you right? Keep your phone back in the pocket…Now you just checked the lower left icon on your home screen…did you see what time it was on there? No…right?

We always see what we want to see and forget that our brain obviously tries to simplify the things with those optimizations of loading the required resources only.

We need to override this because although these things relax our brain, we aren’t made for that…we expect people to be there for us, we expect to share our stories with them, we trust them…just learn this thing, don’t let your brain get will help you to know people more deep…

I understand that my friend doesn’t usually text me so short and she is texting me shortly today, the unusual time for the text tells me about some disturbance with what could it be? her short words describe more… lack of smileys in text shows that she is either board for the day but oh she does respond to my she can’t be sad, she must be ill.but there are chance that she is feeling sleepy.The spelling mistakes in the text shows the sleepiness…Ping back  with few more questions and her reply gives some more context about the fact.The more ‘hmm…’s’ in text show that she is feeling sleepy and probably its hint or me to talk later and let her sleep…

Tiny little things talk so much …I can catch my moms mood within seconds on the call…

Learn to observe the words with more accuracy..our brains aren’t there to relax. The more you know people, more you are best for don’t really want to do it for them..its for yourself to be best with the nature, the people, the living things around ..its for making you best day by day.

I don’t do it only for people…It works for everything around me.


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