Happy Days…


One of our Managers, “Mr. Manoj Shukla” left company today. He officially resigned.Being a team member, the days with him have been best. Although I was fresher in the team, his support was still awesome. One of his habits I liked is the technical impression he had on the people. He was a good manager, Good friend, Good educator and a colleague as well.

Why am I saying this ?

Its just been few months I have been working with him and he has such a great impression on me.I just failed to believe that he is in fact leaving the company.

There are such people who are so close to you, the relation you had with them has no name…it those beautiful days you had with them that hurt…

You know inside that they would be in contact, you would still be talking to each other but you know, it has no meaning …that talk would be more towards “How are you ?”,”Hows your work going?” than that mad days you had with them when you used to have such fun.

You don’t really want to buy gift for him because your mind doesn’t accept that they are leaving,you don’t wanna cry because although they are leaving you, its their life ahead and you want it to be good , you can just have a look at them and keep showing them that you are happy with his leaving…because you want to Bbye him happily and not with cries…

And those thoughts, those hurting feelings of them leaving us…thats what they earn within that time with you . Thats what is a respect. Thats what states the fruit of being good with people and the team.

Now my manager didn’t left forever but its that jumbling inside this mind…the jumbling of l=not letting them go, on the other side knowing its not going to happen, the recalls of days with them…everything just overflows …

The only option you have for them is to wish the best of their life ahead and good luck. After all , all this hurt happens is because you want them to see happy…

I would like to take this opportunity to wish him Good luck and be happy with your kids, love your life. That’s the best I have for him right now …

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