How to quit smoking by reading this …



Think for a minute…Why do we like chocolate?

Because first of all it looks good, wow ,that piece of cake, the chocolate paste over it, its shining brown color, its taste, and the spilling cream on it…awesome. just imagination makes us to feel good..Isn’t that? You know why?

We taste it, it tastes good, our brain ( being an intelligent inside us), saves this all info.

We are dependent on this context dependent memory and learn to repeat the process next time you see it…

See food  –> Eat food  –> Feel Good  –>Repeat

Trigger  –> Behavior  –> Reward

This is what our brain has been following since our revolution …and now, it says, you know what …instead of activating this after seeing the same food, won’t it be a good idea to eat something after feeling sad and feel good again ??? Thats intelligence..isn’t it?

This way our brain quickly learns that if we eat chocolate, we feel good. If we eat it a bit during sad times, it does help,because we feel good …

Why am I saying this ??? Does it has to do something with any habit you want to leave today?

Don’t you think this equation fits in every of our habits?

Smoke Cigarette  –>  Look cool   –>  Feel Good  –>   Repeat

Trigger   –>   Behavior  –>  Reward

People try to force themselves to quit smoking..but fail. What if you force yourself to smoke( I know, smokers don’t need to be forced for that ) but provided, you need to think about what its like? I mean does it tastes like a sh*t? Think of what its like when you do..

Think of how it goes in, affects your heart, lets you feel better and remains there to kill you day by day…

Now the ‘Prefrontal Cortex’ knows smoking is bad for health and it does force us not to do that …unfortunately its the first part of our brain that goes offline when we get stressed out and thus completely fails to stop us.

This not only happens wit smoking alone but although you know, its not good to yell at your children, you still yell it because your stress makes prefrontal cortex to go off and can’t help …

And you know what could be the solution for letting our cortex be there for us to help? – When we get curious, we step out of out old fear based reactive habits and we step into being…

“Be curious to know the things that happen when you do them..” These are those byte size pieces of experiences that we can manage from moment to moment rather than getting clobbered by this huge scary craving that we choke on…

This seems pretty complicated I’m talking about , but this habit of being curious to know the reason behind every happening in you life, makes you prefrontal cortex to be there for you when you need it…

I accept it doesn’t happen in a day, I accept but its something that you would gradually learn …after few days your curiousness , you won’t be interested anymore in doing those things…It’s not just about smoking but should work with every of your habits that you want  to get rid of…

So next time , instead of

See Text message   –>   Reply Back  –>  Feel little bit better  , won’t it be better to

Be curious  –>  Understand whats happening   –>  Feel the joy of letting go  for some time –>Repeat.

I guess its lot better than what we do …If you can’t do this ? Just think how does it feel to smoke !!! Does it taste like a shi*t ?




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