One of the things that fascinate me in the world of coding and the internet is that no matter which website you are looking at…You can just right click on the page and click ‘View source’.

As a kid, I used to spend my hours trying to understand the code.

‘View source’…

What if we have it for the people ?

would you really want to see?

People with their real tags ?

‘I love food’,’I am fake’,’I just murdered’,’I am Selfish’,’I hate’, ‘I am alone’ etc …

the daemons inside them which don’t stop working…!!!

I would like to find out the bugs in them. Thats where they are vulnerable , thats where they hide their fake !!!

Debugging them would be such an awesome work because debugging is not just about finding the bug in them but it would be more about understanding why a bug was there.

A bug is never just a mistake.A bug represents something more…the error in thinking.

The world we live in ..everyone just relies on each other mistakes to manipulate one another. People that rely on choices they make…Pizza and Berger, Hyundai and Honda, Berger king and MacDonald’s…

Everyone just fakes himself…wearing different masks in front of each other…wasting their time in sleeping /comforting themselves…

I would have loved to find such daemon in them …daemons that always run in background…performing action without user interaction …logging, notifying, monitoring everything…

I would have loved to see people saying me , “Oh Mukesh ! I’ll always be there for you” and all going inside me would be ‘the invisible code of chaos hiding behind their beautiful, menacing faces of order…’

People always make best exploits…

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