How I would wish my death to be …



Everyone as me. Mine is little weird. Thats fine though.

I’m pretty positive person and life till now has been nice.


How I wish my death to be !!!

I won’t like to die at an instant or in sleep. I won’t even like to die by age. I don’t really wanna live so much …so how I would like to see my death?

First of all, if you think I’m depressed…I’m not. It’s just my wish,one of my dreams about my death.  I don’t even know if it will complete.

When I’ll die, I should know the day I’m going to die on…I don’t really care how do I die…I want to know in advance about the estimated life of mine..could be just few months/days/minutes more ..that’s just fine. Something like Steve Jobs died.

Why I feel so is because the death that way would really be very interesting. I mean think for a minute that you know when you are going to die and you get prepared for it, you think of all your days on earth, all the people you have in your life and every single moment with them..and you go on counting every day, not wasting even a second of it..

I don’t like the way people have their deaths. Its almost like instant ones…like we close some running app in our phone. Instant exit and no time at all to enjoy it…no time to talk with the ones you love…no time to enjoy the last moment…This isn’t the perfect end .

I don’t care how I come to know about it in advance..may that be because of the cancer I get, may be because of some deficiency in mine or may be because of some accident…The medium isn’t necessary…

The only thing I don’t want in this all is…I won’t like to achieve it forcefully. I wan’t it to be natural.

No matter how bad my life goes, I’m not kind of a person that finds his way to get rid of his problems by Suicide. I don’t want people, society to call my parents like “Look, these are Mukesh’s parents..the one who died by suicide”. Thats not going to solve a problem.I know..I don’t want to be a problem for anyone.

What I love about knowing death in advance is, there’s this feeling of leaving everyone, at the same time enjoying your last days, at the same time somewhere that excitement to see the world beyond earth…Those will be the actual days that get counted best..don’t you think so???

Although we don’t but at least our mother knew our birth time and birth date…I would like to know my death time and date too..

Don’t take me wrong, I don’t see any wrong in thinking this way…Everyone has to face it someday. I just want it best.

By change if I am lucky enough to be best till my last known moment on earth, I would like to get up in the last few seconds and hug everyone, especially my parents ( yah..I don’t want to live more than what they get..just a wish ), my loved ones and end it with a big sky diving from the top, looking at the whole world one last time, without parachute at my back 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..[ ]


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