How to be best with people…



How to be best with people ?

I am what I am and I won’t need special steps to be followed to impress anyone ! If people like me, they are welcomed else fine …No problem. Isn’t that ? No..It’s not that.

Do you expect people to be good with you? of course then you should be good with the, too..

else you are someone like me who won’t expect anything from anyone ? then its just fine to behave the way you want provided you won’t hurt others with your behavior. Keep it limited to your life.

Are you reading this carefully? I’m of the second type and still explaining you how to be best with people? yes..because I don’t care about what people think of my attitude…What I care about not going wrong with my behavior.

So here are few things I care that might be making me best with everyone..This isn’t something I follow as a rule..It’s the result of my own nature…thats how I behave.

  1. Be real you. You can’t be fake with people and if you remain, it won’t last long. It’s okay to hurt someone with truth rather than letting smile with fake. Always remember this ..
  2. Don’t expect anything from anyone. People are not designed to keep you happy. Not only people but everything on earth. You need to accept this. Everyone has got his own life..they couldn’t always be there for you.
  3. If you really care about people, start noticing smallest changes in their lives.Don’t mistake it..I don’t mean to dig into their lives. What I mean is try to be there for them when they need you. I  have developed habit to read my loved ones by the messaging pattern they have …I just hear my mom on call once and I can tell how her day would be. I can detect tiny changes in my friends messaging patterns and understand that something has happened.
  4. Give your 100%. I don’t really like to multitask with the living things. When I text my friend, I really text him only. I don’t text and work on my PC. If I don;t have time, I tell him to talk later and its okay but I always give my 100%.
  5. Learn to sacrifice your life. Yes..learn it. Those doesn’t need to be the big ones. Little things you do for them matter most. yah, I know, these things are moving more towards behaving as people want us to but being this way isn’t going to hurt you !!!
  6. Remember people’s names. People like getting called by their names. Believe me. It makes them feel like you notice them. And you should.
  7. Keep three groups of people in your life. One who are very close to you, the ones with whom you talk only if they talk to you, and the one who are good but you know their fakeness…I don’t have better work for that. Learn to understand peoples mindset. You will go on meeting people and people change …
  8. Everyone on earth is not same. You need to accept this too…You can’t expect others to be best with you just because you remain best with the, ..thats a complete madness. For the best in you, be with them as they are with you…Its okay not to show them the bad side of yours always.


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