What do you think who you are ???




Everyday after going through my whole day, when it comes to go onto the terrace and give some time for myself..just 10 minutes alone at night… in the silence with the dark around , pausing every thought for a minute…It looks like I’m not me. It looks like there is no such thing as soul…

It looks like as our brain creates different sensations of kindness, love, anger etc, of course with the release of few chemicals inside…our soul is something of a kind…it doesn’t exist.

What you see through eyes, the sensations we have with the chemical factory inside and the different neurons constantly activating in our brain , making us like or dislike something…thats what makes us believe that we are some entity on this earth.

We are constantly fooled by our brain to believe our existence. May be thats the reason our so advanced systems still aren’t able to locate soul inside…

It takes inputs from all these senses to create that reality around us…

Its complicated but you can try blurring your vision and have a look at your body …be silent and think about your existence inside this body of yours…Your brain starts conflicting with the emotions…This has been working for me because may be with this i’m hurting the concept of soul , the feeling of soul that my brain has created…yes, it doesn’t work for he first time..it needs great concentration and complete pause of your thoughts.You should experience those sensations…You don’t need Cigar to intoxicate always…

We decorate science with the traditions because at times people didn’t know whats going on there and they assumed something wrong…soul could be one of those …

I intensely think on this because we can’t prove it till we are alive, we can’t locate our soul, can’t express anything about it and once we are dead, no one knows the reality…it just vanishes with the death of a person.What people think about the soul that we get another birth is just a bullshit reason to go away from the fear of death…There isn’t any such thing as heaven and hell…Your brain might be creating this illusion of you and it lasts till you are alive…till your brain works…May be that could be one of the strong reasons behind people going mad.

It looks obvious that being good or bad is not something related to brain, its the soul that decides, its the nurturing that decides how better you will be as a person but I don’t think so…If it would be so and if its decided by soul, why does a mad person doesn’t understand that the way he is behaving  isn’t good. Because a serious damage to brain system hurts, disturbs the feeling of his soul and he don’t really understand whats going on ..with the damage to the brain system,its damage to soul too…

I’m not a scientist but this is what my deep thinking tells me …I want to thoroughly know myself. I don’t just blindly accept what by brain shows me ..of course I believe it but yeah ..thats what am i ..I need validations…I need to think.

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